Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First Weekly Rotation

I did it.  And liked it.  I had a blast this week with my stitching.  I thought it would be so much harder than it really was.  I found ways for it to work for me.  At night, I pack the project I am working on back into it's storage bag and set the bagged project for tomorrow out.  That way, when I am ready, I pick up the project and stitch.  I actually did not think of the other projects in the rotation.  I really thought it would be much harder hopping around with the charts.  I wish I had learned of this earlier.  It is also great if you get frustrated with one to have another ready to go.  It has been so hard to set the stitching down to take care of kiddos and clean the house.

Progress shots

Horse Pals 2/2/2013

Petunia 2/2/2013
Faith - Family - Friends 2/3/2013

Faith has really kicked my butt tonight.  Luckily, I have been counting multiple times so no frogging necessary yet.  The green is 3 seperate colors, as is the brown rusty color.  So I am kinda in confetti land and I think my brain turned off after hubby left for his flight.  But I got some good stitches in and am looking forward to a change in rotation tomorrow.  I am just going to keep going with this rotation schedule until I finish a project.  That may change though.

I have also been teaching my daughter how to cross stitch.  I think I finally got a good beginner set, although the instructions really threw me for a loop.  Instructions are the complete opposite of how I stitch so I am teaching her my way for now.  When she is older she can choose to change if she wants too.

And after bugging me since the moment I opened my eyes today, we accomplished a lot.  She has gotten the hang of starting a thread and ending one.  Sometimes she gets a little confused but can figure it out.  After awhile this is what she has done.  It is a little slow going because I have the hardest time figuring out when to start and end a color.

Progress 2/2/2013

I snuck some alone time into my Friday morning to hit up Walmart for a kids birthday present.  And I "accidentally" stumbled into the craft section and all this stash just jumped into the cart.  I had to take it home.

I am trying to accomplish getting 1 skein of every DMC color by the end of the year.  This was most of the beginning numbers i was missing up to 400.  They were only missing 2.  I got it all on bobbins and filled my very first box.  I got a spreadsheet going with a list of what I have. I can access it on my phone when I am standing in front of the display so I can just grab a couple every time I am there.  So exciting! 

It truly is the little things in life.

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