Friday, December 27, 2013

Out with the old...And in with the old

It has been so hectic, crazy, overwhelming, and painful here that I have been very anti-stitching and anti-
posting.  I had my gallbladder out the week before Thanksgiving.  I traveled across Colorado for the
holidays to be with my family.  I did a lot of resting.  It took another week before I felt even halfway human.
I didn't really feel like I was me again til at least 3 weeks later.  A week before Christmas, I woke up feeling l
like my neck had a huge knot in it.  The pain kept getting worse no matter what I tried.  Then Christmas Eve I had shooting pains down my left arm all the way to my pinkie. Had a wonderful Christmas with Hubby's family.  Then, I broke down and went to the doctor the day after.  Right now we are calling it a neck strain.  I am taking a round of steroids and doing some ROM exercises.  Hoping this takes care of the pain.  If not it is off for imaging and to see what is going on in my neck.  This is kinda how my back started and then was a long road of not doing surgery and lots of pain management.  Kinda scared to start this process all over again.  So I am trying to be optimistic, but keeping possible reality in the back of my mind.  All this right before the New Year that I was hoping was going to be filled with more ups than downs.

I can finally show you "The Quilter" I completed at the beginning of the year!

My MIL loves it and as you can tell it is already on display on her couch.  I totally missed her opening it, but hubby said she just lit up.  That is all I hope for when giving gifts.  My SIL liked Petunia as well.

I have updated my Finishes page with all my completions for the year.  Hoping for more next year.

Healthy Stitching!