Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Really in the Groove Now!

In so many more ways than one.  We have our daily school routine down, we have our days off mostly figured out, and "Blackstone" is really coming along.

Now, why do things have to change?  Kiddos are both done with school and I am desperately searching out things for them to do without breaking the bank.  Stuff to do with them and grandparents but not daddy during the week, but keeping them ready for the weekend and not exhausted.

I have a few have-to's such as swim lessons.  Then some indoor play centers that have areas geared towards each age group.  We had a really cool new putt putt golf place open and we are surrounded by all kinds of touristy stuff we have yet to make memories at.  I am also looking for a therapeutic riding center for at least my daughter, but my son too to go to all year long.  i have been searching for coupons and liking everything on Facebook to get special deals.  I hate doing that but I hate to pay full price.  LOL

My Mill Hill frame just arrived at my LNS so that excites me.  I am picking it up this weekend along with some notions.  I am heading out to the other side of Colorado for the 4th of July.  I am hoping my parents still have a sewing machine so I can finish a project into a pillow.  That would make 2 Christmas gifts done.  I really need to kick it into gear for that holiday.  I am so far behind what I usually have done.  Sigh

Onto actual stitching.

"Blackstone Fantasy Garden" close-up 05/21/2013

"Blackstone Fantasy Garden" Full View 05/21/2013

I have now rolled that all up so I can start on the bottom half now.  It is moving much faster now that I do the outline first and then go back and fill in.  I am about a quarter of the way done.  I say quarter because all those empty spaces still have blackwork needing to be filled in.  I will get going on that after I finish all of the cross stitching.  I haven't been doing my rotation at all.  So far I have not needed a break, but I can see one coming.  Right now it is my escape so I can keep some sanity.

One of my new favorite pics.  My son "graduated" pre-school today.  He is such a ham!

Healthy Stitching!