Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quarter Stitches...Hate 'em

While I was learning to cross stitch my Oma never explained any other stitch besides cross stitches.  So as I got older and started buying my own kits I learned various other stitches such as lazy daisies, back stitches, and half stitches.  A couple of years ago I picked up some Disney kits for gifts and ran into the awful world of quarter stitches.  I have never hated stitching more than that.  I swore off Disney for that fact.

So after my last finish and cleaning up of my stash, one of the projects I picked was a Bucilla kit.

Doesn't look too bad, right?  Ugh.  I see that they have 1/4 and 3/4 stitches, but the pattern didn't look like it had that many.  So, I started stitching cause it is easier for me to pick up and put down an already started project when traveling. I have ended up doing all the shades of green.  Unfortunately, I forgot the 3/4 stitches and just made them 1/4 stitches.  I am trying to decide if I go back and correct or just leave it as is.  Ugh.

Just choppier than the included picture.  I may just finish it and then make a decision.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Actual Accomplishment

After my finish I had to figure out what I wanted to stitch next and what I wanted to take with me to Colorado.  I dug out my cross stitch picnic basket, the only crafty thing to NOT make it into the garage.  It was stuffed full of stuff and very unorganized.  I really should have taken a picture.

I emptied it all out onto the couch and started sorting.  I started off with all my projects kitted up already.  I decided to unkit the Precious Moments I was going to stitch for my SIL.  I am halfway through with one for my MIL and it is a pain.  I hate to stitch it so I figured another one was just never going to make it.  I got all my fabric into a gallon Ziplock and all my floss sorted into my floss organizer.  Then I went through all of my patterns and weeded out all the stuff I just knew I would never stitch.  Then I went through all my unopened kits. I have gotten a lot of little ones gifted to me that are not anything I would keep for myself or gift to anyone.  I came out with a decent sized pile of patterns and kits to find a new home. Everything else got put into quart Ziplocks for when I am ready to stitch them.  I picked 3 projects for now and to travel.  Some patterns went to my husband to be enlarged so I can read them easier.  And everything else fit into my basket without force.  Big sigh of accomplishment.

I sent a question to my stitch group to see if I could offer what I had available to the members for the taking.  Haven't heard back yet.  I am hoping it is a yes so that I do not have to throw out all this stuff.  That would hurt my heart, but I have no where else for them to go.

Friday, December 14, 2012

A finish...and a good laugh

I have been stitching for hours on end this week.  My son has been happily occupying himself when home, leaving me the ability to stitch.  Made my week fly by.  And I was actually able to finish my current project rather quickly.

It needs a good ironing, but other than that I just have no clue how to finish it before Christmas.  All my sewing stuff - fabric, ribbon, edging, machine, thread, needles- is packed up and stacked in the garage.  I wanted to give this to my in-laws at Christmas.  Now I am just not sure.  Decisions, decisions.

Someone, I forget who, on my stitching group had to tempt me with a post that was having free shipping until the end of December.  So of course I had to go looking and find a print that I have been looking for for awhile.  And it was even on sale.  $3.45, no tax, no shipping.  I was sold.

So excited!  I want to kit this right now.  I want to eventually stitch 2 of these, 1 for each of my kids to keep with them through the years.  I at least have plenty of time.

The funny part of all this is:  1 sheet of 8.5x11 paper arrived at my home packed in this:

I am so glad I did not have to pay for this!  The box weighs more than the paper.  But, I had a good laugh.  And I was happy to have my pattern.

Now I have to go digging and find something to take with me over Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 1

So, I have been stitching nightly while hubby and I watch our shows or he plays video games.  Slowly I have been able to stitch longer and longer.  Sunday I stitched almost all afternoon!  And I enjoyed the heck out of it.  Until I quit stitching for the night and I couldn't straighten my fingers.  Ooops!  But this is what I have accomplished in a week.

I also helped my daughter to start her cross stitch.  Next time I need to really pay attention to what I am buying.  These people are seriously asking a first time ever stitcher to do half stitches. I was amazed.  I have her skipping those for now and concentrating on full stitches.  I will go back and put them in before she changes colors on her needle.  I did the top row to show her and the rest is all her.  This is her first half hour accomplishment

I am so proud of her, and occasionally annoyed because she wants to stitch when I do and is impatient as all get out.  But she is doing amazing and asking less and less as she gains confidence in herself.  That is a lot for her.  So glad it is a passion we are sharing.
Otherwise the end of the week and weekend were pretty typical school and after school activities with Sunday being laundry and clean up day (with lots of stitching and video games).
Today I went to the dentist to redo a cavity and my mouth is hurting something awful.  But I will push on and get to dance and make dinner before I crawl in my bed and sleep...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Beginning

2012- The year of recovery.  
        I have been unable to do anything remotely crafty this year.  Going from daily sewing and cross stitching to nothing was almost more world altering than the surgery and withdrawal from xanax.
       Then December arrived and I actually wanted to stitch.  And my hands were good to go.  One of my withdrawal symptoms was trembly hands and they finally seem to be gone.  I am so happy about that.  Since all my sewing, scrapbooking, and jewelry supplies have been boxed up in preparation for our move home, all I had was my cross stitch basket.  And it is full of WIPs, UFOs, and kits I was buying for Christmas presents.  I wasn't quite ready to pick up the last item I was stitching, so I picked an unopened kit.  
       I have stitched every night this week.  I can't sit and stitch for long because my hands cramp up and become very painful.  Side effect of not stitching?  That is what I am thinking.  So here's to hoping that the more I do the more the symptoms will go away.  I am hoping that stitching actually helps me in my recovery process.