Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jumping (sort of) into the Deep End

So to continue from last week.  I opened my chart and heaved a huge defeated sigh.  So much work for me to do to get ready to stitch.  I was hoping I could find the center without too many problems.  But it was not to be.  So copies made and taped together.  My excitement grows as it comes together until I see this.

Chart copies taped together to show final product

 But then I saw this:

Chart and dishwasher the same size
But I folded the chart to the area around the center and got myself seated and comfortable with the lap stand and frame.  I was ready to stitch.  Then, before I could put needle to fabric, I had an attack of the "I don't Know's".

Getting all settled in

I don't know how to count when stitching over 2 to actually start as the center has no cross stitches.  I went to my favorite resource: my stitching group.  They helped calm me down and get started.  (Double all counts when starting)

"Blackstone Fantasy Garden" progress 03/26/2013
 I only stitched on it for a day, but I am getting more and more comfortable with the over 2 stitching.  I am enjoying the crap out of this project!  Unfortunately I can only stitch on it during the day because I need a lot of light.  But I get excited every time I get to pick it up and stitch.

Another unfortunate incident is that the lap stand does not extend high enough for my height.  Not a whole lot of options out there to help with this.  I only found 1 extender and it looked confusing and was going to cost more than $30.  So I talked to my lovely FIL, and he is already working on making me something way better and useful for a lot less.  So hopefully I will have a great lap stand shortly.  I will get pictures up as soon as it is done!

So I leave you with a picture that cements the reason for our move - Family.

Papa and his kiddos

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Ball of Happy, Scared, and Excited!

At the end of last week I was finally able to order myself a scroll frame and lap stand so i could branch back out into large projects.  I was really hoping to be able to get one from a craft store but I needed bigger than 21 inches.  So to the rescue.  I knew I did not want to have to sew my fabric to a strip on the scroll frame.  I liked the split dowel idea.  This may come back to haunt me, but I went with this version and this lap stand.  I didn't want to spend too much, but also wanted to be able to do multiple projects if needed.
The package was delivered yesterday while we were out shopping.  After dinner I was finally able to get my hands on it and start assembling.  I will let the pictures do the talking.

The beginning: Fabric in Dowels
Keep the directions close!
Dowels on Spreader bars
Starting to roll the fabric
All rolled; working on tension
Calling in the big guns to help assemble the lap stand.
Standing back and letting him work
Taking shape
Figuring out the purpose of the set screw

Ta Da!

All of this just so I could stitch Blackstone Fantasy Garden by Tracy Horner.  I fell in love with this chart when she first revealed it.  I finally received it as a gift last Christmas.  I am making the choice to jump into stitching on linen and stitching over 2 and I am so scared to start.  Now that I can I am afraid to begin.  I need to research some tutorials on how to do this.  But this piece, this piece is for me and a wall in my home.  I am going to pay good money to have it framed so that I can display it.

Now that I have the fabric, the floss, the frame, and the stand all that is left is the courage to jump in to either sink or swim.

Please feel free to leave comments.  Any and all are appreciated.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello from Colorado!!!!!!

Wow, what a crazy ride it has been!!!!!  We made it at about 1pm on March 7th, my birthday.  But the work week did not end there.  We then had to unload the truck and van into the house and then head to our storage unit.  Only to find that it was not what we had reserved.  Moving to another location and the great unload began.  But with faulty information the night ended disastrously at a little before 8pm.  The next morning more unloading into the house cause the storage unit was too small for our needs.  Then back to the unit to finally unload my precious entertainment center(a full wall unit weighing about 1,000 lbs) and my bedroom furniture and the last of the boxes.  Cleaned out the truck and returned it right at 5.

 Saturday was the laziest day ever.  A week of working full time way more than we have in a long time led to everyone napping most of the day.  It was supposed to be a blizzard day anyway.  We didn't get as much as places north of us did which was good cause shopping needed to be done before school started Monday. 

So Sunday we were off and running....I was exhausted.  Haven't had to shop or drive in these crowds in a long time.  Looks like hubby will still be doing the majority of grocery shopping.

Monday was the dreaded first day in a new school.  My oldest was really acting out with the stress of the move, but I think more so the new school.  I spent all day Monday hoping to pick up a happy girl.  She was reserved but relieved when we picked her up.  It took her most of the afternoon, but right around dinner time she opened up and spilled all the good news.  Big sigh of relief.

That leads us to today, Tuesday.  She was more than happy to get up and get going.  So much indeed that she had a good 40 minute wait before we had to leave.  We decided yesterday that we can drop her at the trail in back of the school and she could walk up alone, and then meet me at the same place after school.  My child, who formerly hated and merely tolerated school as something she had to get through, took off running.  She forgot her lunch, came back, and ran off again with the biggest smile I have ever seen.  She was excited to see new friends and learn more math.  Her words said it all, "no more meanies".  Just what I was hoping for.

Hubby got an extra week off before starting the new job which has made moving our stuff into an existing household somewhat easier.  It has given him time to decompress and stop the stressing.  Also a little mini vacation with his family.  Something we did not know we needed but are so appreciative of.

Fog covered mountains out the back window3/12/13

Icy Fog out the back door 3/12/13

View from my stitching spot 3/12/13 

I think we are getting back into a routine.  Not our old one but a new one.  Still needs tweaking, but emotionally I think we have all leveled out.

But because we are trying to integrate more stuff than originally thought, I have not accomplished any stitching.  At All.  How sad, huh?  But just a little more and then I can hopefully finish "Faith".  I did pull out my project and get set up in a chair so when I am ready I can just sit, stitch, and look at mountains.

                                                               Life is good right now.