Monday, January 28, 2013

Pressing On

I started on the Mill Hill kit and made some good progress the first day.  It has slowed down more and more as colors have had more and more confetti.  i have finished almost all of the cross stitch portions of the Cat.  I think I will hope over to cross stitches on the border.  I am scared of the beading and trying to put it off as long as possible.  I am just getting so close to it now.  I can tell myself other WIPs need work first, right?  So here is my week's worth of progress:

Progress as of 1/28/2013

Close up 1/28/2013

We had to go into Rockwall for groceries this last weekend.  I had a JoAnn's coupon so I, of course, had to buy something.  Was hoping to find a scroll frame to try out but found none in the size I need.  So still having to wait on that til March.  So I found a kit I liked.  Bonus - it has 2 charts not just 1!

I will be doing the Live Laugh Love for my house.  Not sure if I will do the other.  Still thinking it through.

I think I am going to get kits ready to start my weekly rotation.  I am going to post it here so that I can hold myself accountable.

Monday - Petunia by Mill Hill
Tuesday - Horse Pals by Dimensions
Wednesday - Live, Laugh, Love by Design Works Crafts Changing this to the Faith, Family, Friends
Thursday - Horse Pals by Dimensions
Friday - Petunia by Mill Hill
Saturday & Sunday - Free Choice  Changing this to the Faith, Family, Friends

I made the change to my rotation stitching because I finally knew who I would give that completed work to and if the move happens it will be soon and I want to get it finished as soon as possible.  Once that is done, back to Live, Love, Laugh.

So 2 smaller ones and one bigger.  I think I can handle that for now.  Hope this is easy enough to stick to.

And still waiting on the ability to purchase my fabric.  Might be a birthday present if the finances allow.  My goal is to finish Petunia and be really close to finishing Horse pals.  Let's see if I make it.

Off to stitch!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trying Something New

I took a long look at my stash after my last finish.  And determined that I am sometimes not so bright.  I bought a kit in Colorado to make a bellpull Colorado sampler.  I even bought the floss while there.  Made copies and blow ups and started researching the different stitches.  So I went to get it in the Q Snap and....there is no fabric.  Doh.  Now I am trying to find the type of fabric I need and not understanding that at all.  After asking my group and emailing a "specialist", I think I have it figured out.  I haven't ordered yet, but am anxious to see the color of the fabrics I picked in person.

The next kit could possibly be a Christmas present for my Mom, but we'll see.  It is a small kit called "Horse Pals" by Dimensions.  I found a great gridding tutorial and this was the first piece I did. Annoyingly boring, but I can definitely see the merits in big projects.  I can't wait to put the first stitches in, starting somewhere other than the center.  That, for some reason, makes me giddy.

So one day, wandering around Hobby Lobby, I found this beautiful purple cat piece by Mill Hill and Jim Shore called "Petunia". They had other ones, but the purple called me and it was under $10, so I picked it up.  I am finally getting it opened to start that one....and I have no clue what I am holding in my hands.  I have not fabric and not plastic, but an almost merging of the two, 3 bags of beads, some floss, and a button.  What have I gotten myself into?  So I hopped back to my wonderful group of stitchers and figured out I had stumbled onto something new and, seemingly, wonderful.  I got plenty of tips, advice, and encouragement.  So I went ahead and put in the first couple of stitches.

I haven't stopped as planned.  Here is the progress I made in one night.

"Petunia" progress as of 1/22/2013

I completed all the white parts of the cat.  I am going to work the cat first and then the border last.  At least, that is the plan so far.

One tip I got was to get a tacky bob.  Before ordering one on the internet, I ran to Hobby Lobby after a doctor's appointment.  They only ended up having a tacky mat, but I figured I could use it for this project and see how many more I might think about doing before getting a full tacky bob.  I also found a great Christmas chart book.
I also found out that I need to order more fabric for another project I have planned and figure I'll just do it all at once.

But, that is a story for a different time

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Hidden Finish

I finished The Quilter by Precious Moments today.  She came out amazing!  Unfortunately, I can't show her to you.  She is going to be a Christmas present to one of my readers, so there should be some surprise for the receiver.

But one thing she did help me realize is how god awful the needles were that I originally worked with her on were.  If you remember my New Years post, I went to a LNS and bought some new things including needles.  The needles were gold Charles Craft size 24.  They sew like butter.  I never knew a needle could glide this well through fabric.  It was a most pleasurable experience.  I want more, both 24's and a size smaller.

I want to go ahead a grid up 2 of my bigger projects that I want to start on.  I just have no clue where to begin.  I am definitely going to be making my rounds on Google today.  Hopefully I will be able to find a great visual tutorial.

In my non-stitchy life we pulled everything out of the attic to sort through and organize.  I even decreased my Christmas decor by a quarter.  Which, if you know me, is a lot.  Giving it all to a mom friend of mine.  Found boxes of household stuff I was setting aside for when my sister moved out on her own.  Unfortunately, I totally forgot before Christmas so she already has most of what I set aside bought.  These are going to an organization that help women get back on their feet.  Then 2 bags of clothes that need to be donated.  We even got some clean up done in the garage and were able to put all the boxes in there and not back up in the attic.  More was also added to the moving sale pile.  So now we just need my hubby to get a job or for the house to sell.  Working on both, but we seem to be in a holding pattern waiting on others.

No pictures for now.  I am off to research gridding

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not So Precious Moments

Progress as of 1/14/2013

Pre mistake fixing

So I have been stitching and frogging, stitching and frogging, oh and trying to hide my mistake.  As of last night I think I finally got it.  At least hubby could not tell there was a cover up.  Can you?  Hint: it is where the hand and quilt meet.


I just can't believe how 1 little miscount could cause so many problems.  But I fixed it and that is all that matters.  But I have learned my lesson.  Bigger projects now get gridded.

I just worry that the difference in my stitching between the quilt and the body is noticeable.  I can't believe how much my stitching has improved.  But I am very happy with where I am at now.  And it really shows the calming effects it has.  My hands jitter less, I am calmer throughout the day, and I am enjoying having my time again.  It is great to have something to show for my antsy mind.

Now I am hoping to finish the face and cap this week.  Then the backstitching.  It is luckily all in one color.  I am hoping it really defines the picture because right now just looks like one big blob.  I am looking forward to picking out her frame.

Now for some stitchy happiness.  I found a saying a while ago about Motherhood that really defines the job. I was hoping to find a chart for it online but no go.  So I asked my stitching group and one of those lovely ladies is charting it for me and varying the color palette.  i can't wait to get the chart and kit it up.  My to do list just keeps growing and growing.  I am hoping to get a lot done this year.  I can only hope and stitch away

In life news, I started my Weight Watchers diet yesterday.  The first week is the hardest and I am planning to stitch my way through it.  Working hands cannot snack.  Or so I tell myself.  I cannot wait to weigh in next week.

We actually had a mini blizzard here in Texas this morning.  Beautiful and odd.  And my heater in my van went out.  That was fun getting the oldest to school.  I had to not go to my bible study this morning.  And cancel lunch with hubby.  That makes me the saddest.  We so rarely get to be together kidless, let alone with just one.  I might have to meet him alone for lunch tomorrow while the youngest is in school.

Now for another cup of coffee and some snuggling into warm blankets for the day.

Friday, January 11, 2013

White on White

The first week of the new year in Texas included work and school.  And lots of stitching and Skylanders.  I have been busy ignoring what my house needs done to it and praying no one wants to show it.  We will resolve all that this weekend.  This week was about relaxing, getting back into the routine, and stitching as much as possible.

This week has also been the first time I can say that stitching helped me to keep it together.  The rain and gloom just brought me down to ugly thoughts and feelings.  I didn't like anybody.  All I wanted to do was crawl into bed under the covers and hide for awhile.  But I stitched my way through it and I made it until the sun came back out.  I feel so much better.  Good thing I do no want to live in Seattle.

For the new year the main things I wanted to achieve is a regular gym schedule and a stitching rotation.  Neither of which has happened yet.  No one should really be surprised by that.  I'm not.  I have plans for the gym, but the stitching rotation is kinda overwhelming.  I am not even sure why.  I have 3 projects kitted and ready to stitch and my big one for the year still needs floss and a scroll frame I am hoping to get for my birthday.  Yet, I have been unable to get out of the mindset of one project at a time.  I am hoping this weekend I can come up with a schedule and get it into my calendar with a morning reminder of what I am to be stitching on today.

I picked up the Quilter by Precious Moments after finishing Geraniums.  This is the last project I worked on before my surgery in March.  It was frustrating me so much that I dreaded starting it again.  But I did it.  And have made really decent progress since then.  Although I have found an error that would require frogging a lot or starting over.  I am thinking I can fix it and no one will be the wiser, so keep your fingers crossed.

All the blue above the highliter is what I got done up until yesterday.  The white and pink is from February.
As of January 9, 2012

And this is what I accomplished yesterday

So now


I did end up frogging a lot previously but yesterday went without a hitch.  Not a lot of mistakes, knotted floss, half stitches, or any other nonsense.  But it is white on white stitching.  I am hoping between the other colors and back stitching that you will be able to see them upon completion.

Oh, I forgot.  I got an armchair organizer and I am making it my own. giggle

And my bag finally came in the mail.  Finally!  Now what to fill it with?

Have a great weekend and keep on stitching!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ending One Year and Starting Another

We arrived in Meeker, Colorado at dinnertime on Saturday, the 22nd.  We arrived back in Texas late afternoon January the 7th.  The time we spent with family and friends can only be described as surreal.  We were not rushing around trying to finish shopping or see every person we ever knew or trying to go to all of our favorite stores.  In fact, the first week, we only left the house twice.  Otherwise the kids and men were out in the snow enjoying every second to the fullest.  I had plenty of time to stitch, hang out with my Mom, and just relax and enjoy the season.  My parents live way out in nowhere land.  Nearest town is 20 minutes away via a windy, snowy, icy, 2 lane road.  Who would want to brave that when a nice warm fire is crackling all day and you are surrounded by the quiet of nature and new fallen snow?

 This is the stitching I started, worked on, and finished in this atmosphere.

 My only finish of 2012

One week of stitching on the Bucilla kit

We traveled across to the other side of Colorado on the afternoon of the 29th.  I thought I had kicked the stomach bug before we left, but with all the altitude changes my stomach let me know I was wrong.  So the night ended with a trip to the Urgent Care to get prescription meds to deal with all my symptoms as OTC ones were not working.  Then off to bed to prepare for our second Christmas the next morning.

I received many touching and thoughtful gifts this year, but in the craft department my favorite was this chart:

This is how I was introduced to Ink Circles and hoped someone would gift it to me or I would be able to buy it someday.  This will be one of my first pieces that will be going on my wall.  This will be my big project for the year.  So excited.  I could hardly keep myself home instead of hitting all the arts and crafts store plus a very special LNS.  But I did...for one day at least.  Then we women went shopping with gift cards in hand.

32 count Belfast Linen in Flax
I think an excellent pairing
A kit I couldn't leave the store without

 This was all bought at the LNS Ruth's Stitchery in Colorado Springs. My SIL also bought a heart with a Colorado theme that she let me copy. 

They are also ordering a chart for me that they had on display: Colorado Sampler

Then we headed over to Joann's to get some DMC floss and check out their sales.  And this was all I had to walk out of the store with.  LOL

Another me project...and on 40% off sale!
Notions I needed
Floss for the Colorado kit I purchased now all kitted up

 After getting everything sorted, arranged and organized, I realized I still had the itch.  You can probably guess where we headed next.  That's right, good ol' Hobby Lobby.  We had coupons after all.  And somehow my MIL and I decided to teach ourselves to crochet.  We bought yarn and hooks and she bought a beautiful book to guide us.

Along with that itch came my need to be organized in all my crafts.  My hubby allowed one last craft purchase and I found it on sale and had a coupon.  My new cross stitch bag! I can't wait until it gets here!

And then my first finish of the year - the horrid Bucilla kit.

I have no idea what I am going to do with it, so time will tell where it will go.  Now onto stitching something I want to.  I only have 5 projects kitted up.  I am going to try some sort of rotation to get the most done that I can this year.  And that is my only resolution for the year.

We kept ourselves pretty well entertained between the crocheting and the kids and the family and close friends..  I had fun and am really glad for the time bonding with my MIL.  Only wish we had more. My hubby is resume bombing the heck out of positions in Colorado and the house has been on the market for a month.  We are going to continue to clean, sort, pack, save, and plan for our return to Colorado this year.

Our need to stay home was the roughest it has ever been.  The return trip to Texas was horrible.  Not the longest or worst trip ever, but emotionally taxing.  But we made it, we are here, and we have plans for that to change.

Back to the normal routine