Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stitching and packing

Well, we have had an end to the worrying myself sick.  We have had good news!  Hubby got the job he(we) really wanted.  Bad news is we have to pack and move the 11th of March.  As in hubby's first day is the 11th so we need to be there a week(ish) before.  So I have to have us mostly packed by March 1st.  At first, easy peasy, right?  Now every time I start packing I go through 3x the amount of boxes I thought I would.  And we are scrounging for boxes, cause I have you seen the prices of moving boxes.  I think I swallowed my tongue the first time I looked.  And U-haul?  Might as well give them an arm, a leg, and my first born.
Yeah, so we are broke and will remain so, I am guessing here, until way into April.  The other awful thought is will this house ever sell?  I really hope so and I would really like to NOT bring money to the closing table.  So new prayers are being offered to any and all God(s) listening.
So, in the midst of all this craziness, I am trying to stitch two small teachers gifts to turn into coasters.  I am now starting to believe that "Faith" is not going to be done before we leave.  I will have to finish it and mail it unframed from Colorado.  But, remember "Geraniums"?  I am going to finish it - haven't yet made a final decision on how - and give it to my Bible Study teacher.  I think she will like it, if nothing else, because I made it.
I am trying to stitch when I give my back a break from filling boxes.  At night, my stitching is very slow because I am just plain exhausted.  I am making great strides in both areas, but I just feel like I am constantly behind.  I have been spoiled by being moved around the world by the military.  I just wish it would come together better in my head and therefore into reality.  Even with all my worrying I have managed to empty my closet of everything I will not need while in our interim settings, my dresser, my bathroom, my nightstand, the entertainment center is empty of all but electronics, and my china cabinet full of family treasures. And hubby just talked me off a ledge.  I can be calm because we have exactly 2 weeks before we even have a truck to fill.  I DO NOT have to pack every day.  That is my new mantra.  I can do this.  We can do this.  And my stitching will keep both my hands and mind busy.  Yes they will.
On to the progress shots.  I have not worked on "Petunia" or "Horse Pals" at all so no new photos there.  Here is "Faith"


and "Teachers"



I am doing one on white and one cream, just because that is what I already had about the right size at this time.  Chart is a freebie from  I am hoping to get the coasters at WalMart and have that actually work.  I have my doubts but am forging on ahead anyway.
Mood wise - anxiety is up but I am just so happy and excited.  The only down for me is watching my kiddos....regress in certain ways.  My son is having potty accidents more out of nerves than it seems like anything else. My daughter is just all over the place mood wise, so we are keeping a close eye on her right now.  But nothing has been able to bring me down.

                                                 WE ARE FINALLY GOING HOME!!!!!


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are going home. Good luck. I'm sure everything will be fine.

  2. Thank you! I know you are right but in the midst of the chaos it is hard to remember.