Friday, February 22, 2013

Hunkering Down

I have been stitching, and stitching, and stitching and I feel like i have gone nowhere.  I finally acknowledged that my focus is all over the place and not always on what is in front of me.
I am waiting for my hubby to help me cut out the teacher stitch I did and get them into the coaster container.  He also has to help me figure out how to keep the stitch in since the cork is smaller than the hole where the stitch and it go.  Nothing seems to be coming easy with this project, but I am so very close.

And I just figured out that the cut outs in the coaster are 2 different sizes. Ha Ha 1 less problem at least.  They were quick, easy, and fun to stitch.  I just don't understand why it asked for a piece of 6 x 6 fabric.  I could have used up all the cream fabric instead of having to cut into my white.  Hindsight and all that.
I finished those the beginning of the week and started madly stitching on "Faith".  This is where I feel like I have made it nowhere.  The color changes are so many that a few stitches here and there then start a new color.  I haven't worked on a piece that doesn't have blocks of color in awhile.  Plus, I am trying to finish on a deadline and apparently that doesn't work for me.  I am trying to reconcile myself to mailing a completed but unfinished piece from Colorado.  I might include a gift card to purchase a frame.  Still trying to think of something.

It doesn't help that my youngest has been sickly the last couple of days either.  The night has been the worst, my usual stitch time of course.  But sometimes, in their own little ways, they really do make up for that.

Now, to a crazy week ahead.  Time to pack everything into boxes, into a truck, into a storage unit.

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