Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 1

So, I have been stitching nightly while hubby and I watch our shows or he plays video games.  Slowly I have been able to stitch longer and longer.  Sunday I stitched almost all afternoon!  And I enjoyed the heck out of it.  Until I quit stitching for the night and I couldn't straighten my fingers.  Ooops!  But this is what I have accomplished in a week.

I also helped my daughter to start her cross stitch.  Next time I need to really pay attention to what I am buying.  These people are seriously asking a first time ever stitcher to do half stitches. I was amazed.  I have her skipping those for now and concentrating on full stitches.  I will go back and put them in before she changes colors on her needle.  I did the top row to show her and the rest is all her.  This is her first half hour accomplishment

I am so proud of her, and occasionally annoyed because she wants to stitch when I do and is impatient as all get out.  But she is doing amazing and asking less and less as she gains confidence in herself.  That is a lot for her.  So glad it is a passion we are sharing.
Otherwise the end of the week and weekend were pretty typical school and after school activities with Sunday being laundry and clean up day (with lots of stitching and video games).
Today I went to the dentist to redo a cavity and my mouth is hurting something awful.  But I will push on and get to dance and make dinner before I crawl in my bed and sleep...


  1. Great stitching! It is fun when your kids can stitch with you AND leave you along while doing so?

  2. It looks great! I have stitched this same pattern! Yes, it is fun when your kids stitch with you. My daughter tried it once, and decided that she don't like to do it.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comments! Well we were having more and more problems with her pattern so my last time at Hobby Lobby I bought a beginning cross stitch on plastic canvas, big plastic needle and yarn. She can't wait to start that one. My daughter already has a WIP. LOL