Sunday, December 16, 2012

Actual Accomplishment

After my finish I had to figure out what I wanted to stitch next and what I wanted to take with me to Colorado.  I dug out my cross stitch picnic basket, the only crafty thing to NOT make it into the garage.  It was stuffed full of stuff and very unorganized.  I really should have taken a picture.

I emptied it all out onto the couch and started sorting.  I started off with all my projects kitted up already.  I decided to unkit the Precious Moments I was going to stitch for my SIL.  I am halfway through with one for my MIL and it is a pain.  I hate to stitch it so I figured another one was just never going to make it.  I got all my fabric into a gallon Ziplock and all my floss sorted into my floss organizer.  Then I went through all of my patterns and weeded out all the stuff I just knew I would never stitch.  Then I went through all my unopened kits. I have gotten a lot of little ones gifted to me that are not anything I would keep for myself or gift to anyone.  I came out with a decent sized pile of patterns and kits to find a new home. Everything else got put into quart Ziplocks for when I am ready to stitch them.  I picked 3 projects for now and to travel.  Some patterns went to my husband to be enlarged so I can read them easier.  And everything else fit into my basket without force.  Big sigh of accomplishment.

I sent a question to my stitch group to see if I could offer what I had available to the members for the taking.  Haven't heard back yet.  I am hoping it is a yes so that I do not have to throw out all this stuff.  That would hurt my heart, but I have no where else for them to go.

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