Friday, December 14, 2012

A finish...and a good laugh

I have been stitching for hours on end this week.  My son has been happily occupying himself when home, leaving me the ability to stitch.  Made my week fly by.  And I was actually able to finish my current project rather quickly.

It needs a good ironing, but other than that I just have no clue how to finish it before Christmas.  All my sewing stuff - fabric, ribbon, edging, machine, thread, needles- is packed up and stacked in the garage.  I wanted to give this to my in-laws at Christmas.  Now I am just not sure.  Decisions, decisions.

Someone, I forget who, on my stitching group had to tempt me with a post that was having free shipping until the end of December.  So of course I had to go looking and find a print that I have been looking for for awhile.  And it was even on sale.  $3.45, no tax, no shipping.  I was sold.

So excited!  I want to kit this right now.  I want to eventually stitch 2 of these, 1 for each of my kids to keep with them through the years.  I at least have plenty of time.

The funny part of all this is:  1 sheet of 8.5x11 paper arrived at my home packed in this:

I am so glad I did not have to pay for this!  The box weighs more than the paper.  But, I had a good laugh.  And I was happy to have my pattern.

Now I have to go digging and find something to take with me over Christmas.

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