Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making it Better

I had been working on "Horse Pals" to give myself a break on "Blackstone" when a stitching group I am a part of started a biscornu exchange.  I was really looking forward to learning how to stitch one and put it together.  It took me nearly the entire 6 weeks given for the exchange to get it done.  I want to show it off so badly but I have to wait until it reaches it's new home.  Something to look forward to.

This spring I learned I was going to be an Aunt for the first time.  I always thought I would be so excited. Instead I was in such a dark place myself that all I could feel was jealousy and anger.  I hope I succeeded in keeping it to myself because deep down I knew I should be happy for her and was really looking forward to meeting this baby.  I just had no idea how I was going to get through her pregnancy.  Luckily, I changed my medications and was able to talk through most of my negativity  with my husband and now my therapist.  I ordered baby gear to be made for her by a friend of mine since I have no sewing area myself.  I waited until they found out they were having a girl and picked out a nursery theme.  I then found Savannah Birth Record by Dimensions.  It had her jungle theme and seemed easy to change colors on.

It has been.  I had a harder time than normal picking out the perfect fabric, but Deb at Stitches 'N Things helped so much.  Then I got to take all my purple thread and head to Babies 'R Us to try and match as closely as possible her nursery bedding.  I took "Blackstone" off it's scroll frame, put my beautiful lilac 28 ct linen on, did a floss toss just to double check that it all looked right, took a picture for all of you to see, and started stitching.  And it has been stitching up beautifully.  It has also made me feel less affronted and more like an Aunt.  I may never again be able to have a baby of my own but I can love and spoil my niece to death and hand her back to mommy.

It always amazes me what making x's on fabric can do for body, mind, and soul.

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