Monday, September 30, 2013

Just Lion around

I can finally show off my Halloween/Fall exchange!  I had a blast getting this ready.  I learned a lot getting this put together.  Thanx so much InkkFreakk for all the help and ideas.

ILCS 2013 Halloween/Fall Exchange
"Double Trouble"
28ct. Monaco over 2
Cross stitch, beads, Krienik, buttons, and wire

ILCS 2013 Halloween/Fall Exchange
Enjoy Sharon!

I have also made pretty decent progress on my birth sampler.  Had a root canal Friday and was pretty out of it most of the weekend.  But here ya go...

"Savannah Birth Sampler"
Progress 9/29/2013
As you can see from my last post I had to do more frogging.  The box the monkey's feet are in was the dark color of the box around the lion.  Switched that out and got the longggg lines fully stitched.  Felt like I spent most of my time on that.  Been liking having a non purple color to stitch and a new shape.

Now my worry is that the original color I picked out to do the lettering for baby's info is not going to work.  The color of the 2 middle boxes is what I was also going to do the lettering in.  Now I don't think it will show well.  Hubby says to go lighter, I was thinking darker.  Maybe the dark purple around the lion?  Hubby thought a super light almost whitish color.  I have no idea but am hoping to have one once I get there.  Ideas are appreciated and will be tried so have at it in the comments.  The boxes around the monkey and lion are DMC 3835 and 3836.  The boxes around the future lettering are DMC 544.  Blow my mind, guys.

I don't remember which group I saw this in but my old hair clips make amazing chart holders!  My chart now never moves.  I can't believe I never thought of this before.

Brilliant!  Hopefully somebody else will think this is a new discovery.  But those who know me are well aware of my childish glee with discoveries in the world around me.

Healthy Stitching!


  1. You are too funny, Lena. My husband thinks that I am quite mad because I tend to react with glee at my own silly discoveries, as well! Your ornament turned out a professional did it. Great job! No real advise on colors for lettering, but I tend to want to go darker for lettering.

  2. Lena,

    Your Halloween ornie is adorable! Thanks for the hair clip tip. I'm going to try it. Root canal... ouchie!

  3. Really cute exchange Lena, I have frogged a bunch on mine. Just stupid mistakes on my part.....

    Mary Louise in IN

  4. Thank you! Yes, those mistakes can get really pesky. I need to stop stitching while tired. I try to finish a section or color and I push myself and then the next day I frog. You would think i would learn...

  5. Well done on the finish. Your birth sample is coming on great

  6. Lena..I've been RVing again, with minimal coverage. About compression gloves: I've tried several kinds...the grey ones (2 in a pack) at Amazon are my favorite. I wear them all night, every night. The gloves, plus using a tablet to read (not holding the book up and open) have given me a great deal of relief! A commentator on Amazon wondered if the fact that the gloves kept his hands warm at night, might be what was aiding his hands.

  7. I am waiting for mine from Amazon to show up. It is stuck with USPS. We let the seller know but there is not much they can do either. But they only had the small size as Prime eligible and I need medium. I would have no clue what to do without my kindle. With the way my hands are and how i use to read books it would be near impossible or at the least painful. Not sure if temperature has much to do with it but I can see that. I can't wait to get mine to try. Of course I have been using the other ones in the mean time but I keep forgetting to get them washed to see if they will shrink up some.

  8. Your Halloween ornament is so cute! Is that a blanket stitch I see? I love how you did that. I'm new to that stitch and it gets frustrating for me, ugh! Your birth sampler is coming along very well. I can't wait to see the lion finished!

  9. It is a blanket stitch. It took online tutorials, help from Inkk, and eventually my MIL. Without her it would not have happened. It finally made sense when we looked up blanket stitch and applique. And we were lucky that the stitches were supposed to be imperfect. I love the way it came out and that it seemed to be well received.