Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Still monkeying Around

Spent most of last week working on the birth sampler and planning my Halloween Exchange.  So here is last week's progress on the monkey.

Progress 9/15/13

I had asked my MIL to order me these copper compression gloves awhile ago.  Everyone in my husbands family has some sort of joint issue or surgery.  She has bought them all a sleeve from this company and one swears by them.  I was really excited to get them last week and of course I tried them right away.  The compression really seemed to help, but not sure about the copper.  Now they are getting loose and no noticeable relief.  I might try washing them, who knows.  I may just have my MIL return them.  I found an actual compression set of gloves really highly rated on Amazon and I am going to try those out.  I am hoping that those give me some relief.  I will keep you updated.

My hubby somehow broke my wireless something or other on my laptop while trying to upgrade my memory.  So we had to quickly decide what the replacement would be.  We went to dreaded Best Buy and found something I really wanted.  I just was not sure if I wanted to have that in this house or wait til we move.  I decided on a laptop to make it through the interim.  Then homeowners insurance came back with a replacement cost number.  So we made the choice to go with the Dell XPS 18, the one I wanted for the new house so I have the ability to stay in one spot or move throughout the house.  It made more sense money wise and component wise.  Hubby went thru work to get a discount with Dell along with our long term customer discount.  The first one arrived Thursday and had some issues.  I paid way too much for it to have issues and argued Dell into getting me another one, without issues, ASAP.  So my new toy arrived Monday morning and by that evening hubby had it ready to work for me.  So now I can stitch in my nest and keep up with everything, or try at least.

My son has had allergies since he was 4.  We were hoping they would go away when we moved to Colorado.  Unfortunately that was not the case and we were referred to an allergist.  We finally had the appointment Friday.  They wanted to test him because our doctors have been so thorough in trying every medicine known to man without relief.  A normal assay minus food and add in horse and barn allergens.  As you can see, after less than 30 minutes, my baby is allergic to the world in general.  Cat, dog, trees, grasses, pollen, horse, and grains.  So, we switched up some of the medications and we are waiting to hear back from them when they have finished mixing up his personal allergy shots.  One in each arm twice a week for about three months before we reevaluate.  Did I mention he hates shots and screams the office down usually?  Yeah, so that should be fun.

Hubby is finally in to see a rheumatologist today, so here's to hoping we will finally have some answers today.  More than likely he will just be given bloodwork orders, but a girl can hope right?

Off to pick up my kiddos and stitch into the night.

Healthy stitching!


  1. Nice progress on the sampler, Lena.

    Congrats on the new laptop. Having computer issues is frustrating for sure.

    I had allergy testing done in my 30's and the same thing happened to me. I'm allergic to everything in the world *except* cockroaches and feathers. LOL My doctor said I was a candidate for shots, but I refuse to do it. I just deal with it best I can. Ragweed season is the worst!

  2. Thank you. It really does. I wish we could just deal with it with over the counter stuff. But he is on 2 over the counter pills plus a rx pill and a rx spray and he still can barely breathe at night. So hubby and I can sleep and to make sure baby boy can be a baby boy we are going to go ahead and do the shots. Luckily I just found out that they are 100% covered. Hoping they start to work quickly