Friday, January 11, 2013

White on White

The first week of the new year in Texas included work and school.  And lots of stitching and Skylanders.  I have been busy ignoring what my house needs done to it and praying no one wants to show it.  We will resolve all that this weekend.  This week was about relaxing, getting back into the routine, and stitching as much as possible.

This week has also been the first time I can say that stitching helped me to keep it together.  The rain and gloom just brought me down to ugly thoughts and feelings.  I didn't like anybody.  All I wanted to do was crawl into bed under the covers and hide for awhile.  But I stitched my way through it and I made it until the sun came back out.  I feel so much better.  Good thing I do no want to live in Seattle.

For the new year the main things I wanted to achieve is a regular gym schedule and a stitching rotation.  Neither of which has happened yet.  No one should really be surprised by that.  I'm not.  I have plans for the gym, but the stitching rotation is kinda overwhelming.  I am not even sure why.  I have 3 projects kitted and ready to stitch and my big one for the year still needs floss and a scroll frame I am hoping to get for my birthday.  Yet, I have been unable to get out of the mindset of one project at a time.  I am hoping this weekend I can come up with a schedule and get it into my calendar with a morning reminder of what I am to be stitching on today.

I picked up the Quilter by Precious Moments after finishing Geraniums.  This is the last project I worked on before my surgery in March.  It was frustrating me so much that I dreaded starting it again.  But I did it.  And have made really decent progress since then.  Although I have found an error that would require frogging a lot or starting over.  I am thinking I can fix it and no one will be the wiser, so keep your fingers crossed.

All the blue above the highliter is what I got done up until yesterday.  The white and pink is from February.
As of January 9, 2012

And this is what I accomplished yesterday

So now


I did end up frogging a lot previously but yesterday went without a hitch.  Not a lot of mistakes, knotted floss, half stitches, or any other nonsense.  But it is white on white stitching.  I am hoping between the other colors and back stitching that you will be able to see them upon completion.

Oh, I forgot.  I got an armchair organizer and I am making it my own. giggle

And my bag finally came in the mail.  Finally!  Now what to fill it with?

Have a great weekend and keep on stitching!


  1. Congrats on getting back to a project that you were procrastinating on - how well I know that feeling. I'm so jealous of that armchair organizer and tote. Very, very nice items and the organizer especially would be handy around here.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment! I have been blessed with a wonderful and giving family. And Joann's after Christmas sale and coupons didn't help either.