Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not So Precious Moments

Progress as of 1/14/2013

Pre mistake fixing

So I have been stitching and frogging, stitching and frogging, oh and trying to hide my mistake.  As of last night I think I finally got it.  At least hubby could not tell there was a cover up.  Can you?  Hint: it is where the hand and quilt meet.


I just can't believe how 1 little miscount could cause so many problems.  But I fixed it and that is all that matters.  But I have learned my lesson.  Bigger projects now get gridded.

I just worry that the difference in my stitching between the quilt and the body is noticeable.  I can't believe how much my stitching has improved.  But I am very happy with where I am at now.  And it really shows the calming effects it has.  My hands jitter less, I am calmer throughout the day, and I am enjoying having my time again.  It is great to have something to show for my antsy mind.

Now I am hoping to finish the face and cap this week.  Then the backstitching.  It is luckily all in one color.  I am hoping it really defines the picture because right now just looks like one big blob.  I am looking forward to picking out her frame.

Now for some stitchy happiness.  I found a saying a while ago about Motherhood that really defines the job. I was hoping to find a chart for it online but no go.  So I asked my stitching group and one of those lovely ladies is charting it for me and varying the color palette.  i can't wait to get the chart and kit it up.  My to do list just keeps growing and growing.  I am hoping to get a lot done this year.  I can only hope and stitch away

In life news, I started my Weight Watchers diet yesterday.  The first week is the hardest and I am planning to stitch my way through it.  Working hands cannot snack.  Or so I tell myself.  I cannot wait to weigh in next week.

We actually had a mini blizzard here in Texas this morning.  Beautiful and odd.  And my heater in my van went out.  That was fun getting the oldest to school.  I had to not go to my bible study this morning.  And cancel lunch with hubby.  That makes me the saddest.  We so rarely get to be together kidless, let alone with just one.  I might have to meet him alone for lunch tomorrow while the youngest is in school.

Now for another cup of coffee and some snuggling into warm blankets for the day.


  1. I can't find the mistake even with the hint. I think it's beautiful and your recipient will surely love it.

  2. Thank you soooo much. That makes me able to breathe a little easier. Unfortunately I am finding more errors and needing to fix them as I backstitch. No more late night stitching for me especially with a hard to read chart and confetti everywhere.

  3. Backstitching will make all the difference. I usually do my BS as I go that way I can see my projects come to life rather than looking like blobs. I don't worry about errors unless they are glaringly obvious. Almost every project I've done has errors. Most do not know unless you tell them.