Monday, January 21, 2013

A Hidden Finish

I finished The Quilter by Precious Moments today.  She came out amazing!  Unfortunately, I can't show her to you.  She is going to be a Christmas present to one of my readers, so there should be some surprise for the receiver.

But one thing she did help me realize is how god awful the needles were that I originally worked with her on were.  If you remember my New Years post, I went to a LNS and bought some new things including needles.  The needles were gold Charles Craft size 24.  They sew like butter.  I never knew a needle could glide this well through fabric.  It was a most pleasurable experience.  I want more, both 24's and a size smaller.

I want to go ahead a grid up 2 of my bigger projects that I want to start on.  I just have no clue where to begin.  I am definitely going to be making my rounds on Google today.  Hopefully I will be able to find a great visual tutorial.

In my non-stitchy life we pulled everything out of the attic to sort through and organize.  I even decreased my Christmas decor by a quarter.  Which, if you know me, is a lot.  Giving it all to a mom friend of mine.  Found boxes of household stuff I was setting aside for when my sister moved out on her own.  Unfortunately, I totally forgot before Christmas so she already has most of what I set aside bought.  These are going to an organization that help women get back on their feet.  Then 2 bags of clothes that need to be donated.  We even got some clean up done in the garage and were able to put all the boxes in there and not back up in the attic.  More was also added to the moving sale pile.  So now we just need my hubby to get a job or for the house to sell.  Working on both, but we seem to be in a holding pattern waiting on others.

No pictures for now.  I am off to research gridding

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