Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Start

With 2014 behind me, I am focusing ahead to this year.  First, a quick recap.

I can't believe my last post was last March.  Near the end of April, my symptoms returned and was scheduled for immediate cervical fusion the first week of May.  The surgery and recovery was leaps and bounds easier than the lumbar fusion.  It was slow and very little stitching got down until the end of August.  Just in time to gear up for the final push to closing on our new home and moving in.  I had started my new project Amy Brown's Mini "Curiosity" HAED.  I also worked on a small called "I Barely Survived...".  And the weekend after we closed on our home I finished "Blackstone Fantasy".  I love the finished product.  Looking for a frame now and a place to put it on my new blank walls.  Started a small, "Slainte".  The lovely holidays came and went and here we are - 2015.

"Blackstone Fantasy Garden"
Ink Circles
Completed 10/2014

"I Barely Survived"
My Big Toe
Completed 10/2014
Just needs a flower button on the blue square

Close this window
Working on 28ct hand dyed by Rumple Beary Rumors with GAST Forest Glade
A. Fox Originals

At this point, I have hopes and dreams of what I would like to be able to get done this year.  As usual I worry about actual completions, or at least visible progress.  Of course "Slainte" is almost complete.  I wanted to start another smallish for my home, but my sister just got engaged. Alessandra Adelaide just introduced a new design - Engagement.  I am trying to choose 
between that and Promessa.  I have until the end of July. I am also trying to throw in some little 
projects for my kids' rooms for Christmas and possibly for others in the family.

Looks like a busy year.

I have 2 resolutions this year - to update this blog on a more regular basis and to try and get to the
gym twice a week.

What about you?

Healthy stitching!


  1. Great stitching! I love Barely Survived - I think I may need to get that one! Hope to see you posting again soon :)

  2. Love the 'barely survived' of course it is a my big toe! Looking forward to getting to know you and follow your blog! prayers for restored health coming your way! hugs, and happy stitching, queeny