Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Switching It Up

So frustrated with myself.  I miscounted on "Blackstone" and now I need to frog.  Looks like just a little bit so I am happy for small favors.  In the picture it is the left hand side, all the way down.  Ugh.

"Blackstone"  4/16/2013

  But I needed a change and decided to get my butt moving on "Petunia".  It was a tough start last night, but I pushed through it and finished all the crosses.  Started the back stitching and completed that early this afternoon.  Then I jumped into beading.  And I am loving it.  Except for the seriously small eye in the beading needle.  I am almost done with the first set of beads.

"Petunia" 4/17/2013

This might just finish itself rather quickly.  Then I will head over to my LNS and order the frame and ta da!  One Christmas present done.

 I am currently waiting for my fabric order to arrive from Stitches N Things.  Then I will figure out what to put into the rotation next.  Also depends on my mood when picking.

Today was a perfect stitching day.  Snow fell all day with a potential to turn into a blizzard tonight.  We went from small flakes to fat flakes.  It truly felt like a Christmas snow.  Everything was so magical looking and feeling.  The only thing missing was a real fire snapping and popping in the background.  You can't see it very well in the pictures but it was snowing fat flakes when I took them.

View from my stitching nest

The back deck

Otherwise, it seems different day, same stuff happening.  We are way into our schedule and preparing for all the end of school year craziness.  Still no word of anything happening with the Texas house.  I am gonna go nuts soon, I think.  I am so looking forward to house hunting and setting up a house of my own.

But for now I must wait - for a change in season, scenery, and the future.

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