Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jumping (sort of) into the Deep End

So to continue from last week.  I opened my chart and heaved a huge defeated sigh.  So much work for me to do to get ready to stitch.  I was hoping I could find the center without too many problems.  But it was not to be.  So copies made and taped together.  My excitement grows as it comes together until I see this.

Chart copies taped together to show final product

 But then I saw this:

Chart and dishwasher the same size
But I folded the chart to the area around the center and got myself seated and comfortable with the lap stand and frame.  I was ready to stitch.  Then, before I could put needle to fabric, I had an attack of the "I don't Know's".

Getting all settled in

I don't know how to count when stitching over 2 to actually start as the center has no cross stitches.  I went to my favorite resource: my stitching group.  They helped calm me down and get started.  (Double all counts when starting)

"Blackstone Fantasy Garden" progress 03/26/2013
 I only stitched on it for a day, but I am getting more and more comfortable with the over 2 stitching.  I am enjoying the crap out of this project!  Unfortunately I can only stitch on it during the day because I need a lot of light.  But I get excited every time I get to pick it up and stitch.

Another unfortunate incident is that the lap stand does not extend high enough for my height.  Not a whole lot of options out there to help with this.  I only found 1 extender and it looked confusing and was going to cost more than $30.  So I talked to my lovely FIL, and he is already working on making me something way better and useful for a lot less.  So hopefully I will have a great lap stand shortly.  I will get pictures up as soon as it is done!

So I leave you with a picture that cements the reason for our move - Family.

Papa and his kiddos


  1. Lovely pattern. Glad you got the over 2 sorted; it gets much easier the more you do it (like most things!).

    - Lisa

  2. Now that your over the hump, enjoy stitching now! Can't wait to see how it comes along!